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<<Script: system.verbs.builtins.webserver.util.parseAuth; Version 1; Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 23:41:51 GMT; ID: RAB
on parseAuth (adrParamTable) {
	<<March 13, 1998 at 4:37:36 PM by WMF
		<<This script is adapted from the CGi framework
		<<It looks for an Authorization header and if one is present, parses it and 
		<<puts the username in adrParams^.username and the password in (surprise) adrParams^.password
		<<Returns true if there was a parseable Authorization header, false otherwise
	local (s, upList);
	on decodePassword (s) {
		local (val, usr, pass);
		val = string (base64.decode (s));
		usr = string.nthField (val, ":", 1);
		pass  = string.nthField (val, ":", 2);
		return ({usr, pass})};
	if defined (adrParamTable^.requestHeaders.Authorization) {
		s = adrParamTable^.requestHeaders.Authorization;
		local (basicStart = string.patternMatch ("Basic", s));
		if basicStart {
			s = string.mid (s, basicStart + 6, infinity);
			upList = decodePassword (s);
			adrParamTable^.username = upList[1];
			adrParamTable^.password = upList[2];
			return (true)}
		else {
			return (false)}}
	else {
		return (false)}}

This listing is for code that runs in the OPML Editor environment. I created these listings because I wanted the search engines to index it, so that when I want to look up something in my codebase I don't have to use the much slower search functionality in my object database. Dave Winer.