Monday, November 08, 2010 at 12:06 AM.


	<<2/3/10; 1:52:09 PM by DW
		<<Initialize user.webserver.prefs.MIME2ext (new table).
	<<9/19/02; 2:28:50 AM by JES
		<<Initialize the port 5336 listener.
	<<8/21/02; 9:33:34 PM by JES
		<<Initialize the commonLog prefs sub-table.
	<<11/5/99; 7:15:29 PM by AR
		<<Set up user.webserver.postFilters.domainStats.
		<<Set up user.webserver.prefs.flDomainStats.
	<<10/1/98; 6:34:12 PM by DW
		<<no longer expects certain responders to be installed
		<<no longer creates the log file for the commonLog postfilter
		<<no longer creates user.webserver.utilities if it doesn't exist
	<<12/16/98; 5:36:45 PM by DW
		<<roll-in of features from mainResponder project
		<<user.webserver.stats and user.webserver.prefs.flStats
	<<3/19/99; 2:11:09 PM by PBS
		<<New pref: user.webserver.prefs.flWaitDuringStartup.
			<<Default is true. If true, Frontier waits to handle incoming http requests while starting up.
			<<It waits by looping in webserver.server until Frontier has started up.
			<<People running Frontier behind IIS should set this to false, or else Frontier may hang during startup.
			<<Everybody else should set it to true.
bundle { //make sure inetd is set up
	inetd.init (); //this must be done before webserver will work.
	if not defined (user.inetd.config.http) {
		user.inetd.config.http =};
	if not defined (user.inetd.config.http2) {
		user.inetd.config.http2 =}};
bundle { //create top-level tables of user.webserver
	if not defined (user.webserver) {
		new (tableType, @user.webserver)};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs) {
		new (tableType, @user.webserver.prefs)};
	if not defined (user.webserver.callbacks) {
		new (tableType, @user.webserver.callbacks)};
	if not defined (user.webserver.callbacks.filterRequest) {
		new (tableType, @user.webserver.callbacks.filterRequest)};
	if not defined (user.webserver.callbacks.handleRequest) {
		new (tableType, @user.webserver.callbacks.handleRequest)};
	if not defined (user.webserver.callbacks.filterPage) {
		new (tableType, @user.webserver.callbacks.filterPage)};
	if not defined (user.webserver.cgis) {
		new (tableType, @user.webserver.cgis)};
	<<if not defined (user.webserver.utilities)
		<<new (tableType, @user.webserver.utilities)
	if not defined (user.webserver.actions) {
	<<if not defined (user.webserver.cgis.samples)
		<<user.webserver.cgis.samples =
	if not defined (user.webserver.responders) {
		user.webserver.responders =};
	if not defined (user.webserver.preFilters) {
		user.webserver.preFilters =};
	if not defined (user.webserver.postFilters) {
		user.webserver.postFilters =}};
bundle { //copy prefs from webserver table
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.fileNotFoundPage) {
		user.webserver.prefs.fileNotFoundPage =};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.errorPage) {
		user.webserver.prefs.errorPage =};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.mimeTypes) {
		user.webserver.prefs.mimeTypes =};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.ext2MIME) {
		user.webserver.prefs.ext2MIME =};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.type2MIME) {
		user.webserver.prefs.type2MIME =};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.MIME2icon) {
		user.webserver.prefs.MIME2icon =};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.MIME2name) {
		user.webserver.prefs.MIME2name =};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.MIME2ext) { //2/3/10 by DW
		user.webserver.prefs.MIME2ext =}};
bundle { //set the prefs values
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.chunkSize) {
		user.webserver.prefs.chunkSize = 24};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.fldebug) {
		user.webserver.prefs.fldebug = false};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.hostName) {
		user.webserver.prefs.hostName = ""};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.serverAppID) {
		user.webserver.prefs.serverAppID = ""};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.websiteFolderPath) {
		user.webserver.prefs.websiteFolderPath = ""};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.fluseDNS) {
		user.webserver.prefs.fluseDNS = false};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.flWaitDuringStartup) { //PBS 3/19/99
		user.webserver.prefs.flWaitDuringStartup = true};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.defaultResponder) {
		user.webserver.prefs.defaultResponder = "default"};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.flStats) { //6.0
		user.webserver.prefs.flStats = true};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.flDomainStats) { //AR 11/05/1999
		user.webserver.prefs.flDomainStats = true}; //PBS 11/23/99: now true
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.commonLog) {
		new (tableType, @user.webserver.prefs.commonLog)};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.commonLog.flIncludeReferers) {
		user.webserver.prefs.commonLog.flIncludeReferers = false};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.commonLog.flIncludeUserAgents) {
		user.webserver.prefs.commonLog.flIncludeUserAgents = false};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.commonLog.flIncludeVirtualHosts) {
		user.webserver.prefs.commonLog.flIncludeVirtualHosts = false};
	if not defined (user.webserver.prefs.commonLog.flUseCommonLogDateFormat) {
		user.webserver.prefs.commonLog.flUseCommonLogDateFormat = false}};
bundle { //6.0, initialize stats
	if not defined (user.webserver.stats) {
		new (tabletype, @user.webserver.stats)};
	user.webserver.stats.maxConnections = 0;
	user.webserver.stats.maxMemAvail = 0;
	user.webserver.stats.minMemAvail = infinity;
	user.webserver.stats.hits = 0;
	user.webserver.stats.upSince = ()};
<<bundle // set up log for commonLog postFilter 
	<<if (not defined (user.webserver.prefs.logFile)) or (not file.exists (user.webserver.prefs.logFile))
		<<user.webserver.prefs.logFile = frontier.pathstring + "Logs" + file.getPathChar () + "Web Server Log.txt"
	<<file.sureFilePath (user.webserver.prefs.logFile)
	<<if not file.exists (user.webserver.prefs.logFile)
		<< (user.webserver.prefs.logFile)
		<<if (sys.os () == osMacOS)
			<<file.setType (user.webserver.prefs.logFile, 'TEXT')
			<<file.setCreator (user.webserver.prefs.logFile, 'R*ch')
bundle { //AR 11/5/99: set up domainStats postFilter
	if not defined (user.webserver.postfilters.domainStats) {
		script.newScriptObject ("on domainStats (pta)" + cr + tab + "return (webserver.postFilters.domainStats (pta))", @user.webserver.postFilters.domainStats)}};

return (true)

This listing is for code that runs in the OPML Editor environment. I created these listings because I wanted the search engines to index it, so that when I want to look up something in my codebase I don't have to use the much slower search functionality in my object database. Dave Winer.