Monday, November 08, 2010 at 12:06 AM.


	<<8/18/02; 5:26:14 PM by JES
		<<Open the setupFrontier page in the mainResponder admin site, instead of the older one in the control panel. We use port 5335 for this.
	<<4/11/02; 3:02:14 PM by JES
		<<Rewrite: This script now installs mainResponder and manila, and opens the Setup Frontier Control Panel page. Called by startup.startupScript.
		<<bundle //original code
			<<10/20/99; 12:29:43 PM by DW
				<<This is a test version of the script that will run the first time the user runs Frontier, after entering a correct serial number.
				<<After confirmation we connect with a UserLand.Com server that walks the user thru a wizard-like configuration process. We poll the server every five seconds to see if the user has clicked on the Finish>> button. When this happens our XML-RPC call will not error. 
				<<We then copy the information from the table it returns into the appropriate locations in the local database and take any actions implicit in the configuration.
					<<10/26/99; 2:56:52 PM by PBS
						<<Moved the main code out of the loop. Since it was in a try, it could lead to an infinite loop.
						<<If the user has chosen to turn on the webserver:
							<<Set up mainResponder.root and manila.root.
							<<Build a default Manila site.
							<<Add the Server menu to the menu bar.
							<<If the webserver is already running, but on another port, stop it and restart it on the specified port.
			<<local (server = "", port = 80, procedure = "installFrontier.getInstallationData")
			<<if dialog.confirm ("Connect to UserLand.Com to finish installation?")
					<<local (uniqueNumber = clock.ticks ())
					<<local (keyString = user.prefs.serialNumber + "!" + uniqueNumber)
					<<local (configuration)
					<<if system.environment.isCarbon
						<<webBrowser.openUrl ("http://" + server + "/07/00/osx$" + keyString) 
						<<webBrowser.openUrl ("http://" + server + "/07/00/default$" + keyString) 
					<<webBrowser.bringToFront ()
					<<loop //loop until the configuration data is returned via XML-RPC
						<<thread.sleepFor (5)
							<<local (params = {user.prefs.serialNumber, uniqueNumber})
							<<msg ("Polling..." + ())
							<<configuration = betty.rpc.client (server, port, procedure, @params)
							<<msg ("")
					<<Set up basic Frontier prefs.
					<<user.prefs.mailHost = configuration.mailHost
					<<user.prefs.initials = configuration.userInitials
					<<user.prefs.mailAddress = configuration.userMailAddress
					<< = configuration.userName
					<<user.prefs.organization = configuration.userOrganization
					<<bundle //webserver configuration
						<<local (adrTable = @user.inetd.config.http)
						<<local (flServerOnNow = inetd.isDaemonRunning (adrtable))
						<<if configuration.webServerOn //set up the webserver
							<<if flServerOnNow and adrTable^.port != configuration.webServerPort
								<<If the server's on, but on another port, stop it, so it will be restarted on the specified port.
								<<inetd.stopOne (adrTable)
								<<flServerOnNow = false
							<<if not flServerOnNow
								<<adrTable^.startup = true
								<<inetd.startOne (adrTable)
							<<userland.installApp ("mainResponder.root")
							<<userland.installApp ("manila.root")
							<<bundle //CP prefs
								<<local (adrRoot = @[system.temp.mainResponder.membersRootFile])
								<<local (adrGroup = @adrRoot^.admin)
								<<bundle //create the Admin membership group if needed
									<<if not defined (adrGroup^)
										<<new (tableType, adrGroup)
									<<if not defined (adrGroup^.callbacks)
										<<new (tableType, @adrGroup^.callbacks)
									<<if not defined (adrGroup^.cookieDomain)
										<<adrGroup^.cookieDomain = ""
									<<if not defined (adrGroup^.cookieExpires)
										<<adrGroup^.cookieExpires = "Mon, 01 Apr 2030 07:00:00 GMT"
									<<if not defined (adrGroup^.cookieName)
										<<adrGroup^.cookieName = "Admin"
									<<if not defined (adrGroup^.mailReturnAddress)
										<<adrGroup^.mailReturnAddress = user.prefs.mailAddress
									<<if not defined (adrGroup^.mailSubject)
										<<adrGroup^.mailSubject = "Admin"
									<<if not defined (adrGroup^.mailTemplate)
										<<wp.newTextObject ("", @adrGroup^.mailTemplate)
									<<if not defined (adrGroup^.openToPublic)
										<<adrGroup^.openToPublic = false
									<<if not defined (adrGroup^.users)
										<<new (tableType, @adrGroup^.users)
								<<local (adrMember = @adrGroup^.users.[user.prefs.mailAddress])
								<<if not defined (adrMember^)
									<<new (tableType, adrMember)
								<<adrMember^.password = configuration.userPassword
								<<if not defined (adrMember^.personalInfo)
									<<new (tableType, @adrMember^.personalInfo)
								<<if not defined (adrMember^
									<<adrMember^ =
							<<bundle //add prefs.root to user.databases and open it hidden
								<<local (adrTable = @user.databases.["prefs.root"])
								<<new (tableType, adrTable)
								<<local (f = Frontier.getSubFolder ("www") + "prefs.root")
								<<adrTable^.f = f
								<<adrTable^.openOnStartup = true
								<<adrTable^.runStartupScript = false
								<<adrTable^.supportsSubscribe = false
								<<if not defined ([f]) //open prefs.root if necessary
									<< (f, true)
							<<bundle //set up root updates prefs
								<<local (lastUpdateTime = date.netStandardString (Frontier.shipDate))
								<<local (lastUpdateTime = userland.initialLastUpdateTime)
								<<user.rootUpdates.servers.mainResponder.lastUpdate = lastUpdateTime
								<<user.rootUpdates.servers.manila.lastUpdate = lastUpdateTime
								<<user.rootUpdates.servers.prefs = user.rootUpdates.servers.manila
								<<user.rootUpdates.servers.prefs.dbName = "prefs.root"
								<<user.rootUpdates.servers.prefs.url = ""
								<<user.rootUpdates.servers.manila.url = ""
							<<Create the default Manila website if it doesn't already exist.
							<<local (serverName = configuration.webServerName)
							<<if configuration.webServerPort != 80
								<<serverName = serverName + ":" + configuration.webServerPort
							<<config.manila.prefs.baseUrl = "http://" + serverName + "/"
							<<userland.createDefaultManilaSite (configuration.webSiteName, serverName:serverName)
							<<userland.createDefaultIspSite (serverName:serverName, password:configuration.userPassword)
							<<Add the Server menu to user.menus, if it's not already there.
							<<userland.addServerMenu ()
							<<bundle //PBS 05/11/01: port forwarding
								<<if system.environment.isCarbon
									<<local (port = number (configuration.webServerPort))
									<<if port < 1024 //uh-oh, UNIX
											<<Frontier.bringToFront ()
											<<if dialog.yesNo ("Set up port forwarding?")
											<<local (realPort = 8080)
											<<if defined (configuration.webServerRealPort)
												<<realPort = number (string.trimWhiteSpace (configuration.webServerRealPort))
											<<configuration.webServerPort = realPort
											<<adrTable^.apparentPort = port
											<<adrTable^.port = realPort
											<<userland.portForward ()
							<<if flServerOnNow
								<<inetd.stopOne (adrTable)
								<<adrTable^.startup = false
						<<adrTable^.port = configuration.webServerPort
					<< () //all changes are in Frontier.root, for now
					<<return (true)
					<<wp.newTextObject (tryError, @temp.installError)
					<<edit (@temp.installError)
			<<window.update ("Update Frontier")
			<<return (false)

<<bundle //make sure we have a web browser for Windows
	<<if system.environment.isWindows
		<<user.webBrowser.winDefaultBrowserApp = file.findApplication ("htm")
<<bundle //start the webserver on port 80, unless running on MacOS X -- there we're on 8080
	<<local (port = 80)
	<<if system.environment.isCarbon //port 8080 -- will be forwarded by userland.completeSetup
		<<port = 8080
	<<local (adrtable = @user.inetd.config.http)
	<<adrtable^.startup = true
	<<if inetd.isDaemonRunning (adrtable)
		<<if port != adrtable^.port
			<<inetd.stopOne (adrtable)
			<<adrtable^.port = port
	<<if not inetd.isDaemonRunning (adrtable)
		<<inetd.startOne (adrtable)
	<<if system.environment.isCarbon //set apparentPort, used by userland.completeSetup to set up port forwarding
		<<adrtable^.apparentPort = 80

userland.trialVersionCheck ();

bundle { //install mainResponder and manila
	local (appFolder = Frontier.getSubFolder ("apps"));
	if not defined ( [appFolder + "mainResponder.root"] ) {
		userland.installApp ("mainResponder.root")};
	if not defined ( [appFolder + "manila.root"] ) {
		userland.installApp ("manila.root")}};
bundle { //open prefs.root
	local (wwwFolder = Frontier.getSubFolder ("www"));
	if not defined ( [wwwFolder + "prefs.root"] ) { (wwwFolder + "prefs.root", true)}}; //open hidden
bundle { //create the Admin membership group if needed
	local (adrRoot = @[system.temp.mainResponder.membersRootFile]);
	local (adrGroup = @adrRoot^.admin);
	if not defined (adrGroup^) {
		new (tableType, adrGroup)};
	if not defined (adrGroup^.callbacks) {
		new (tableType, @adrGroup^.callbacks)};
	if not defined (adrGroup^.cookieDomain) {
		adrGroup^.cookieDomain = ""};
	if not defined (adrGroup^.cookieExpires) {
		adrGroup^.cookieExpires = "Mon, 01 Apr 2030 07:00:00 GMT"};
	if not defined (adrGroup^.cookieName) {
		adrGroup^.cookieName = "Admin"};
	if not defined (adrGroup^.mailReturnAddress) {
		adrGroup^.mailReturnAddress = user.prefs.mailAddress};
	if not defined (adrGroup^.mailSubject) {
		adrGroup^.mailSubject = "Admin"};
	if not defined (adrGroup^.mailTemplate) {
		wp.newTextObject ("", @adrGroup^.mailTemplate)};
	if not defined (adrGroup^.openToPublic) {
		adrGroup^.openToPublic = false};
	if not defined (adrGroup^.users) {
		new (tableType, @adrGroup^.users)}};

local (portString = "");
if user.inetd.config.http2.port != 80 {
	portString = ":" + user.inetd.config.http2.port};
if not defined (system.temp.Frontier.setupFrontier) {
	new (tableType, @system.temp.Frontier.setupFrontier)};
system.temp.Frontier.setupFrontier.flAllowLocalAccessToSetupPage = true;
local (setupUrl = "" + portString + "/setupFrontier");
if not defined (system.temp.installer) {
	new (tableType, @system.temp.installer)};
system.temp.installer.urlToOpen = setupUrl;
<<webBrowser.openUrl (setupUrl)
<<webBrowser.bringToFront ()

<< () //all changes are in Frontier.root, for now

return (true)

This listing is for code that runs in the OPML Editor environment. I created these listings because I wanted the search engines to index it, so that when I want to look up something in my codebase I don't have to use the much slower search functionality in my object database. Dave Winer.