Monday, November 08, 2010 at 12:05 AM.

on imageUrl (imgpath, flFileUrl=false) {
		<<7/26/01; 3:07:42 PM by JES
			<<Added a leading slash character to the non-file URL, so images will work on sub-pages when accessing the site remotely.
	if imgpath beginswith "/" {
		imgpath = string.delete (imgpath, 1, 1)};
	local (f = + string.replaceall (imgpath, "/", file.getpathchar ()));
	local (url);
	if flFileUrl {
		url = html.getfileurl (f)}
		<<url = file.fileToUrl (f)
	else {
		url = "/" + imgpath};
	url = radio.images.imageFlowBottleneck (f, url);
	return (url)};
bundle { //test code
	local (pagetable);
	new (tabletype, @pagetable);
	new (tabletype, @pagetable.radioresponder);
	html.setpagetableaddress (@pagetable);
	webbrowser.displaytext (imageUrl ("system/images/icons/brain.gif", true))}

This listing is for code that runs in the OPML Editor environment. I created these listings because I wanted the search engines to index it, so that when I want to look up something in my codebase I don't have to use the much slower search functionality in my object database. Dave Winer.