Monday, November 08, 2010 at 12:04 AM.


on xmlToOutline (xmltext, adroutline, flnewoutline = true, adrCloud = nil) { //7/19/00; 6:51:02 PM by DW
		<<1/28/09; 11:09:36 AM by DW
			<<Convert ' before passing through to the kernel.
		<<01/28/03; 4:26:44 PM by JES
			<<If the window is open, decode entities in the window title after calling the kernel.
		<<07/25/00; 8:52:21 PM by PBS
			<<Set refcon only if there's data to set.
		<<07/27/00; 3:27:12 PM by PBS
			<<Decode ", <, > and & in text attributes so round-trip of HTML-in-XML works.
		<<Tuesday, August 08, 2000 at 6:01:44 PM by DW
			<<Allow any attributes to be linked to a headline through the refcon. We have to make assumptions about the XML structure that xml.compile generates, there's no way to do this  through the procedural interface.
		<<Tuesday, August 08, 2000 at 6:24:31 PM by DW
			<<Commented debugging code that had accidentally been left uncommented.
		<<Tuesday, August 15, 2000 at 1:29:57 PM by JES
			<<Bug fix -- no longer fails when converting deeply nested outlines.
		<<09/16/00; 4:07:52 PM by PBS
			<<Understands <opml> as well as <outlineDocument>.
		<<09/16/00; 9:11:14 PM by PBS
		<<12/19/01; 9:32:08 AM by dmb
			<<Added adrCloud parameter.
	if flNewOutline {
		new (outlineType, adrOutline)};
	if date.versionLessThan (Frontier.version (), "7.0b21") {
		if flnewoutline {
			new (outlinetype, adroutline)};
		local (xstruct);
		local (oldtarget = target.set (adroutline));
		xml.compile (xmltext, @xstruct);
		<<scratchpad.xstruct = xstruct; wp.newtextobject (xmltext, @scratchpad.xtext)
		on dolevel (adrxoutline) {
			local (insertdir = right, flatleastoneinserted = false);
			local (item, text, attstable);
			for item in adrxoutline {
				if nameOf (item^) endsWith "\toutline" {
					bundle { //fill the atts table with atts we understand
						new (tabletype, @attstable);
						local (adratts = @item^.["/atts"], adratt);
						for adratt in adratts {
							attstable.[nameof (adratt^)] = adratt^};
						try {text = attstable.text; delete (@attstable.text)} else {text = ""}};
					bundle { //PBS 07/27/00: decode ", >, < &
						text = string.replaceall (text, """, "\"");
						text = string.replaceall (text, "<", "<");
						text = string.replaceall (text, ">", ">");
						text = string.replaceall (text, "&", "&")};
					op.insert (text, insertdir); insertdir = down;
					if sizeOf (attstable) > 0 { //PBS 07/25/00: set refcon only if there's data to set
						local (data);
						pack (attstable, @data);
						op.setrefcon (data)};
					flatleastoneinserted = true;
					if dolevel (item) { //at least one item added
						op.go (left, 1)}}};
			return (flatleastoneinserted)};
		local (adroutlinedocument);
		try { //look for opml item first
			adroutlinedocument = xml.getaddress (@xstruct, "opml")}
		else { //look for outlineDocument item -- grandfathered in
			adroutlinedocument = xml.getaddress (@xstruct, "outlineDocument")};
		local (adrbody = xml.getaddress (adroutlinedocument, "body"));
		dolevel (adrbody);
		bundle { //process <head>, if new outline
			if flnewoutline {
				bundle { //perform outline surgery
					op.firstsummit ();
					op.promote ();
					op.deleteline ()};
				local (adrhead = xml.getaddress (adroutlinedocument, "head"));
				try { //set the window position/size
					local (windowTop = number (xml.getaddress (adrhead, "windowTop")^));
					local (windowLeft = number (xml.getaddress (adrhead, "windowLeft")^));
					local (windowBottom = number (xml.getaddress (adrhead, "windowBottom")^));
					local (windowRight = number (xml.getaddress (adrhead, "windowRight")^));
					window.setposition (adroutline, windowLeft, windowTop);
					window.setsize (adroutline, windowRight - windowLeft, windowBottom - windowTop)};
				try { //set the expansion state
					local (expansionString = xml.getaddress (adrhead, "expansionState")^);
					local (expansionList = {}, i);
					for i = 1 to string.countfields (expansionString, ',') {
						expansionList = expansionList + string.nthfield (expansionString, ',', i)};
					op.setexpansionstate (expansionList)};
				try { //set the vertical scroll state
					op.setscrollstate (xml.getaddress (adrhead, "vertScrollState")^)};
				try { //set the window title
					parentOf (adroutline^)^.title = xml.entityDecode (xml.getaddress (adrhead, "title")^, true, true)}}};
		target.set (oldtarget);
		return (true)}
	else { //PBS 09/16/00: kernelized
		if date.versionLessThan (Frontier.version (), "7.1b43") {
			on kernelCall (xmlText, adrOutline, flNewOutline) {
				kernel (op.xmlToOutline)};
			return (kernelCall (xmlText, adrOutline, flNewOutline))}
		else { //dmb 12/19/01: added adrCloud parameter
			on kernelCall (xmlText, adrOutline, flNewOutline, adrCloud) {
				kernel (op.xmlToOutline)};
			xmltext = string.replaceall (xmltext, "'", "'"); //1/28/09 by DW
			return (kernelCall (xmlText, adrOutline, flNewOutline, adrCloud))};
		if window.isOpen (adrOutline) {
			local (oldtarget = target.set (adrOutline));
			window.setTitle (xml.entityDecode (window.getTitle (), true, true));
			try {target.set (oldtarget)}}}}
<<bundle //test code
	<<local (s = tcp.httpreadurl (""))
	<<xmlToOutline (s, @scratchpad.opmltest)

This listing is for code that runs in the OPML Editor environment. I created these listings because I wanted the search engines to index it, so that when I want to look up something in my codebase I don't have to use the much slower search functionality in my object database. Dave Winer.