Monday, November 08, 2010 at 12:04 AM.


on addSiteToTree (domainName, path, siteRef, flCreateDomain = false, flConvertToSiteTree = false, adrDomains = {
		<<7/9/03; 3:44:34 PM by JES
			<<Fixed a bug which could cause invalid XML to be produced for the site tree if siteRef is the address of an object whose name begins with a numeric character.
		<<8/13/02; 4:54:46 PM by JES
			<<Pass adrDomains to mainResponder.siteTree.convertDomainToSiteTree.
		<<8/13/02; 3:47:32 PM by JES
			<<New optional parameter, adrDomains. Compile the siteTree XML after adding a new site to the tree.
		<<8/6/02; 6:35:22 PM by JES
			<<Fixed a pair of bugs which would cause errors when creating a top-level site for the first time.
		<<7/1/02; 11:44:22 PM by JES
			<<Add a site to the siteTree for a given domain.
				<<domainName -- the domain to add the site to
				<<path -- the relative, slash-delimited path for the site
				<<siteRef -- a reference to the site -- an address or a filespec.
	local (adrdomain = @adrDomains^.[domainName]);
	try {mainResponder.siteTree.compileIfDirty (adrdomain)};
	if not defined (adrdomain^) { //make sure the domain exists
		if flCreateDomain {
			new (tableType, adrdomain);
			new (tableType, @adrdomain^.siteTree);
			new (tableType, @adrdomain^;
			op.newOutlineObject ("<siteTree>\r\t</siteTree>", @adrdomain^}
		else {
			scriptError ("Can't add a site to \"" + domainName + "\" because the domain doesn't exist.")}};
	if not defined (adrdomain^.siteTree) { //make sure the domain is defined by an XML siteTree
		if flConvertToSiteTree {
			mainResponder.siteTree.convertDomainToSiteTree (domainName, adrDomains)}
		else {
			scriptError ("Can't add a site to \"" + domainName + "\" because the domain is not defined by an XML siteTree.")}};
	local (flAddress = false, flFile = false, flRedirect = false);
	case typeOf (siteRef) {
		addressType {
			flAddress = true};
		filespecType {
			if string.lower (siteRef) beginsWith "http://" { //redirect
				flRedirect = true}
			else {
				flFile = true}}}
	else { //configuration error
		scriptError ("Can't create the siteTree entry for \"" + siteRef + "\" because there's a configuration error for the \"" + domainName + "\" domain.")};
	bundle { //add the site to the tree
		local (pathAttName);
		bundle { //set pathAttName, pop file from address if necessary
			if flAddress {
				pathAttName = "address";
				siteRef = string.popFileFromAddress (siteRef);
				siteRef = string.replaceAll (siteRef, "[\"", "");
				siteRef = string.replaceAll (siteRef, "\"]", "")};
			if flFile {
				pathAttName = "folderpath"};
			if flRedirect {
				pathAttName = "redirect"}};
		if path beginsWith "/" {
			path = string.delete (path, 1, 1)};
		local (xstruct);
		local (adroutline = @adrdomain^;
		xml.compile (string (adroutline^), @xstruct);
		local (adrtree = xml.getAddress (@xstruct, "siteTree"));
		if typeOf (adrtree^) == stringType {
			if adrtree^ == "" {
				new (tableType, adrtree)}};
		local (adrtopsite);
		try { //get adrtopsite
			adrtopsite = xml.getAddress (adrtree, "site")}
		else { //create top site
			adrtopsite = xml.addTable (adrtree, "site")};
		local (nomad = mainResponder.siteTree.dive (adrtopsite, path, true));
		if not defined (nomad^.["/atts"]) {
			new (tableType, @nomad^.["/atts"])};
		nomad^.["/atts"].[pathAttName] = siteRef;
		bundle { //delete other atts that may be lying around if we're re-defining an existing site
			if flAddress {
				if defined (nomad^.["/atts"].folderpath) {
					delete (@nomad^.["/atts"].folderpath)};
				if defined (nomad^.["/atts"].redirect) {
					delete (@nomad^.["/atts"].redirect)}};
			if flFile {
				if defined (nomad^.["/atts"].address) {
					delete (@nomad^.["/atts"].address)};
				if defined (nomad^.["/atts"].redirect) {
					delete (@nomad^.["/atts"].redirect)}};
			if flRedirect {
				if defined (nomad^.["/atts"].address) {
					delete (@nomad^.["/atts"].address)};
				if defined (nomad^.["/atts"].folderpath) {
					delete (@nomad^.["/atts"].folderpath)}}};
		bundle { //delete all /pcdata tables, since they prevent sub-elements from being decompiled
			on visitproc (adrtable) {
				if defined (adrtable^.["/pcdata"]) {
					delete (@adrtable^.["/pcdata"])};
				return (true)};
			table.visit (@xstruct, @visitproc)};
		local (xtext = xml.decompile (@xstruct));
		xtext = string.trimWhiteSpace (string.delete (xtext, 1, sizeOf (string.nthField (xtext, "\r", 1) + 1)));
		op.newOutlineObject (xtext, adroutline);
		mainResponder.siteTree.compileIfDirty (adrdomain)};
	return (true)}
<<bundle //test code
	<<addSiteToTree ("default", "foo", "Mac_OS_X:")
	<<addSiteToTree ("default", "bar", @createASiteManilaWebsite)
	<<addSiteToTree ("default", "baz", "")
	<<addSiteToTree ("default", "flim/flam/floz", "")

This listing is for code that runs in the OPML Editor environment. I created these listings because I wanted the search engines to index it, so that when I want to look up something in my codebase I don't have to use the much slower search functionality in my object database. Dave Winer.