Monday, November 08, 2010 at 12:04 AM.

on indexPage (adrObject, adrPageTable, flMsgReader=false, adrDgMsg=nil, adrSiteTable=nil) {
	<<This script is called from the high-level verb. It should not be called from anywhere else.
		<<This script indexes a web page in a website table.
			<<10/15/99; 12:29:17 PM by PBS
				<<Get the proper created and modified dates for dg messages.
	local (objType = typeOf (adrObject^));
	local (pageText, title, url);
	local (searchTable);
	local (flDatabaseSupportsIndexing);
	new (tableType, @searchTable);
	on getRenderedPageText (adrPage) { //this is called when it's necessary to use html.buildObject to get the page text
		table.emptyTable (adrPageTable);
		html.buildObject (adrPage, adrPageTable); //build the page
		return (true)};
	<<Once this script is called, there's no question that adrObject points to a valid web page. However, the search engine only knows how to index outlines, wp-text, tables, and scripts. Anything else is not indexed. So first check the type of adrObject to be sure it's valid.
	bundle { //check the type
		local (flValidType = false);
		case objType {
			scriptType {
				flValidType = true}};
		if not flValidType {
			return ( (adrObject, "it's not a wp-text, outline, table, or script object: the search engine does not know how to index objects of type " + objType + "."))}};
	bundle { //get the search preferences for this page. They're collected in a table.
		flDatabaseSupportsIndexing = (adrObject, @searchTable, adrSiteTable)};
	bundle { //if the database does not support indexing, log it and return
		if not flDatabaseSupportsIndexing { (adrObject, "the database doesn't support indexing");
			return (true)}};
	bundle { //it's still possible that this page should not be indexed. Check the prefs in the search table. Return if there's a problem.
		if not ( (adrObject, @searchTable)) {
			return (true)}};
	bundle { //add info about the page to the search table
		searchTable.bodyText = nil;
		searchTable.adrObject = adrObject;
		searchTable.url = adrPageTable^.url;
		searchTable.title = nil;
		searchTable.lastModDate = timeModified (adrObject);
		searchTable.createdDate = timeCreated (adrObject);
		searchTable.server = searchTable.domain;
		searchTable.procedure = searchTable.addToIndex};
	<<Call the script in the #search table that gets the title and page text.
	bundle {
		local (adrScript);
		if defined (searchTable.getContent) {
			adrScript = @searchTable.getContent;
			while (typeOf (adrScript^) == addressType) {
				adrScript = adrScript^};
			try {adrScript^ (@searchTable)}}};
	if searchTable.title == nil or searchTable.bodyText == nil {
		<<wp-text and outline objects are indexed one way, scripts another, and tables yet another way.
		if (objType == wpTextType) or (objType == outlineType) {
			if not flMsgReader {
				<<These types are coerced to a string.
				pageText = string (adrObject^);
				if searchTable.title == nil {
					searchTable.title = html.getOneDirective ("title", pageText)}}
			else { //it's a msgReader-style page: get contents from the discussion group
				if searchTable.title == nil {
					searchTable.title = adrDgMsg^.subject};
				pageText = string (adrDgMsg^.body)}};
		if objType == tableType {
			<<If there's a msgNum, find the discussion root and get the text of the message.
				<<Otherwise, use html.buildObject to get the text of the page that way.
			if defined (adrObject^.msgNum) and defined (adrObject^.discussionRoot) { //there's a discussion group message to get
				local (adrMsg = (adrObject^.discussionRoot, adrObject^.msgNum));
				if searchTable.title == nil {
					searchTable.title = adrMsg^.subject};
				pageText = string (adrMsg^.body)}
			else {
				<<Use html.buildObject to get the text of the page.
				pageText = getRenderedPageText (adrObject)}};
		if objType == scriptType {
			<<Use html.buildObject to get the text of the page.
			getRenderedPageText (adrObject);
			pageText = adrPageTable^.renderedText};
		if searchTable.bodyText == nil {
			searchTable.bodyText = pageText};
		if searchTable.title == nil {
			searchTable.title = adrPageTable^.title}};
	<<It's possible that there's no bodyText or title, even at this point. (Particularly if the page is an address, and the getContent callback didn't fill in those values.) If so, don't index the page, log the failure.
	if searchTable.bodyText == nil { (adrObject, "the body text of the page can't be retrieved.");
		return (true)};
	if searchTable.title == nil { (adrObject, "the title of the page can't be retrieved.");
		return (true)};
	if flMsgReader { //add the number of the msg (bug fix)
		local (msgNum = number (nameOf (adrDgMsg^)));
		searchTable.url = searchTable.url + "$" + msgNum;
		<<PBS 10/15/99: get the proper created and mod dates for this dg message.
		searchTable.createdDate = adrDgMsg^.postTime;
		if defined (adrDgMsg^.lastUpdate) {
			searchTable.lastModDate = adrDgMsg^.lastUpdate}
		else {
			searchTable.lastModDate = ()}}; (@searchTable);
	<<Log the fact that we sent this to the server. ("Sent " + adrObject + " to the server for indexing.", adrObject);
	return (true)}

This listing is for code that runs in the OPML Editor environment. I created these listings because I wanted the search engines to index it, so that when I want to look up something in my codebase I don't have to use the much slower search functionality in my object database. Dave Winer.