Monday, November 08, 2010 at 12:04 AM.


on respond (adrparamtable, fldebug=false) {
			<<12/14/03; 9:34:58 PM by DW
				<<Add an ETag header to every response.
				<<Consider If-Modified-Since and If-None-Match, and if possible return a 304 with an empty response body.
				<<This works across all pages served by mainResponder, including all of Manila. Note that it doesn't optimize computational performance, each page still has to be generated to see what its ETag will be, but it does optimize what goes over the wire, and increases performance for the end-user, and saves on bandwidth bills.
				<<It's been burning in on one of my new "monster" servers on Happy to make the changes available to all Frontier users, and to UserLand if they wish to distribute it.
			<<11/5/02; 2:47:14 PM by JES
				<<Handle HEAD requests according to the HTTP 1.1 specification. Saves bandwidth when responding to clients which support the HEAD method.
			<<9/16/02; 2:43:53 AM by JES
				<<Fix a bug which causes sites on the last leaf of an XML siteTree to return an error, by de-referencing the address attribute of the site in the tableDive sub-function of the responder.
					<<Previously, the address of an XML table would be returned, and this table was not a valid website. Nobody was following the address on the last leaf of the siteTree.
					<<Now we dereference the address attribute, and return the address for the value of "nomad". This is normally a valid website, as long as the siteTree is valid, and the site still exists.
			<<9/10/02; 5:01:56 PM by JES
				<<Call userland.trialVersionCheck to find out if the trial has expired, instead of checking userland.trialVersion.flTrialVersion and userland.trialVersion.flExpired directly.
			<<7/2/02; 1:43:28 AM by JES
				<<New XML siteTree type, redirect. Implements the same functionality as redirect strings for old-style records.
			<<1/7/02; 12:38:55 PM by PBS
				<<Don't serve any objects whose name begins with . (dot). This prevents the server from, for example, serving .DS_Store files on Mac OS X.
			<<10/1/01; 3:34:37 PM by PBS
				<<Manila sites with names like 123test couldn't be found because 123test, when it's an address, needs to be in quotes and bracketted. Fixed.
			<<01/03/01; 2:44:11 AM by JES
				<<Fixed a text conversion problem: On Macintosh, convert both searchArgs and pathArgs to Mac text, even if no postArgs are specified.
			<<05/11/00; 5:19:40 PM by PBS
				<<If the manilaMacros table in manila.root is defined, add that to the search path for macro evaluation.
			<<06/10/00; 5:05:24 PM by PBS
				<<Support for XML siteTree feature, which allows one to specify a hierarchy of sites in XML. siteTrees are legal in and config.mainResponder.sites.
			<<06/14/00; 4:31:26 PM by PBS
				<<Added /mainResponderResources/ as a system website, so the Pike button and other icons have a constant path despite the settings at
			<<06/27/00; 12:56:31 PM by JES
				<<Bug fix -- make sure an XML siteTree outline exists if the structure exists.
			<<07/05/00; 12:47:57 PM by PBS
				<<If an entry in is a string containing a URL to redirect to, and the request contains path args, make sure the path args are added to the URL that the browser is redirected to.
			<<07/06/00; 5:48:03 PM by PBS
				<<If the domain is set up as an XML siteTree domain, but the site we're looking for isn't in the XML outline, check the config.manila.sites and config.mainResponder.sites tables. This makes it work the same way as when your default domain points to Guest Databases/www/ -- which is how people expect this to work. This should cut way down, or eliminate entirely, the reports about not being able to figure out how to make one's sites accessible.
			<<07/22/00 at 4:06:35 AM by AR
				<<Re-enabled the controlAccess callback loop.
			<<08/09/00; 12:43:44 PM by PBS
				<<Closed security hole. Certain combinations of characters could, in some circumstances, allow one to get outside the static files folder.
			<<08/31/00; 8:01:51 PM by PBS
				<<Fixed a bug in serving tables -- the last line of the serveTable handler now references adrTable. See Matt Neuburg's diagnosis:$5439
			<<10/27/00; 11:32:10 AM by PBS
				<<Changed profiling prefix from /profile to /profile/.
			<<10/31/00; 5:16:54 PM by JES
				<<Fixed bug where redirecting using the scriptError ("!redirect [url]") method wouldn't redirect to URLs longer than 254 characters. To use the fix properly, first call mainResponder.redirect to set the redirect URL in adrParamTable^.responderAttributes, and then call scriptError with the same URL to short-circuit rendering and force redirection.
			<<11/08/00; 3:02:42 PM by PBS
				<<Fixed a problem when serving from the file system on Windows. (When serving Gems, for example.) Folder paths would have doubled backslash characters in the path, which had to be collapsed when turning a path to a filespec.
			<<7/29/99 by DW
				<<If you have a #redirect directive in a website, when the responder dives into the table it will remap the url thru the string value of #redirect. It's smart, so it will keep the partial URL intact.
			<<7/30/99; 10:51:13 by PBS
				<<If a table is being rendered as a page via the #renderTableWith mechanism, don't add a trailing slash. If a trailing slash is present, redirect to remove the trailing slash. New subroutine: pathMustNotEndWithSlash, it's the opposite of pathMustEndWithSlash.
				<<If the host ends with the port, as in, find in the table if is not present in that table. Also handle cases where a trailing period is present, such as or
				<<If an object isn't found in a website, the website can over-ride mainResponder.respond's built-in behavior, which is to scriptError with a message about the object not being found. A website can have a page -- script, wpText, whatever -- called #objectNotFoundHandler. This is what gets called if the object isn't found. It's rendered or called with regard to the standard rules -- allowScriptsToRun, flRender, etc. are all obeyed, so there are no suprises. This adds a potentially powerful feature: a script can be defined which implements a virtual hierarchy -- in other words, you could write a script which dives into an outline: you could create an entire website, or part of a site, from a single outline. There are many possibilities.
			<<8/1/99; 1:13:33 by PBS
				<<Error pages are now iso8859-encoded. This is because some Frontier error messages may contain characters which should be translated to HTML entities.
				<<Macintosh file uploading fixed -- post args are not converted from Latin to Mac text for attached files -- only "regular" post args are converted.
			<<8/11/99; 2:56:17 PM by PBS
				<<Folded in Dave's fixes for #redirect feature. Check to be sure objectName and path are defined.
				<<Fix for custom scripts for tableToHTML and FolderToHTML -- the scripts should be found now. Previously an error was generated. Previous error: "Can't call folderToHTML because it isn't a script." De-referencing solves this problem.
			<<8/25/99; 12:09:37 PM by PBS
				<<Call html.deletePageTableAddress at the end -- there is no need to keep the dangling pta in the system.temp.pageTableAddresses table. In fact, not deleting it can lead to crashes in certain circumstances.
				<<Added pathEvaluation callback. Scripts in the config.mainResponder.callbacks.pathEvaluation table can over-ride mainResponder's normal path evaluation.
					<<The param table is in scope for these callbacks. There are two special items:
						<<domainPath -- this is the path for this domain, as specified in It may be any value that's legal in
						<<adrObjectToServe -- this is nil. If a callback places a value here, then that's the object that will be served. The value can be any type that mainResponder.respond knows how to handle.
					<<Note: attributes will be gathered at the level of adrObjectToServe^. If you want to gather more attributes, you'll have to do it in your callback or in a filter. This is because mainResponder's normal attribute-gathering routine is circumvented when a callback handles path evaluation.
					<<Also note: if there is a scriptError in any of these callbacks, that scriptError will be reflected in the page. These callbacks must be coded carefully. This is an advanced feature, and one is responsible for one's own code.
					<<This was originally requested by Seth Dillingham on the Frontier-Server list.
				<<Added serveFromCache callback.
					<<When mainResponder wants to serve an object from the cache, the scripts in config.mainResponder.callbacks.serveFromCache are called.
					<<The param table is in scope. It contains a special boolean, flServeFromCache, set to true.
					<<If any callback sets this to false, then mainResponder.respond will build the object rather than use the cache.
					<<This was originally requested by Matt Daw on the Frontier-Server list.
				<<Macintosh file uploading, which was thought to be fixed earlier, is now fixed completely. The final problem was a hard-to-see typo:
					<<if typeOf (adrPostTable^ [i] == stringType)
					<<...should have read...
					<<if typeOf (adrPostTable^ [i]) == stringType
					<<You can now turn on Mac text conversion at config.mainResponder.prefs.flConvertToMacText and have files that are uploaded remain unconverted.
			<<9/25/99; 5:44:51 PM by PBS
				<<A serveFromCacheCallback can get the address of the requested object that's been cached. It's at adrParamTable^.adrCachedObject. This callback can also get the address of the cached version, in cache.root. It's at adrParamTable^.adrCacheItem.
			<<10/25/99; 3:53:16 PM by PBS
				<<Fixed two minor bugs in supporting the controlPanel system website. Changed the scope of flsystemwebsite and check the existence of config.mainResponder.prefs.flControlPanel before checking its value.
			<<11/9/99; 8:37:55 PM by PBS
				<<Short URLs for Manila sites. If the domain points to the www folder, and the first part of the path is a name in config.manila.sites, then short-circuit the walk -- set nomad to point to the Manila site. This way, instead of URLs like, you can have URLs like, even though the website is at [mySite.root].mySite, even though the domain points to the www folder. This change is compatible with 6.0: if you don't have a config.manila.sites table, then nothing special happens.
			<<12/16/99; 2:50:24 PM by PBS
				<<Short URLs for mainResponder sites: if a table at config.mainResponder.sites exists, and the first part of the path matches a name in that table, and the domain points to the www folder, then follow the address in config.mainResponder.sites. This works similarly to config.manila.sites. However, items in config.mainResponder.sites can also be tables or filespecs.
			<<12/16/99; 3:36:36 PM by PBS
				<<Fix a #redirect bug. When requesting /x, the redirected URL might be /x/x -- part of the path was being doubled.
			<<Started 9/26/98; 10:54:02 AM by DW
				<<A clean fresh start for the user.webserver.responders table.
					<<Build a fast kernelizable responder that supports a very high level concept of a website.
	on core () {
		mainResponder.callbackLoop (@config.mainresponder.callbacks.controlAccess, adrparamtable);
		local (flCallbackParsedPath = false); //PBS 8/25/99: a callback may evaluate the path, then this gets set to true
		local (flprofile = false); //if true, we return the text of the profile, not the page
		if config.mainresponder.prefs.flProfiling {
			local (prefix = "/profile/"); //PBS 10/27/00: prefix changed from /profile to /profile/ -- to avoid conflict with Manila's profiles and any other URL that begins with /profile
			<<msg (adrparamtable^.path)
			if adrparamtable^.path beginswith prefix {
				adrparamtable^.path = string.delete (adrparamtable^.path, 1, sizeof (prefix));
				adrparamtable^.path = "/" + adrparamtable^.path;
				script.startProfile (true);
				flprofile = true}};
		local (adrdebuglog = nil); //it stays nil if debugging isn't on
		on addDebugLog (name, val) {
			xml.addvalue (adrdebuglog, name, val)};
		local (fldebug = config.mainresponder.prefs.flDebug);
		if fldebug {
			if adrparamtable^.requestHeaders.["User-Agent"] == "Testing in Debugger" {
				fldebug = false}
			else {
				if not defined (config.mainresponder.debugLog) {
					new (tabletype, @config.mainresponder.debugLog)};
				adrdebuglog = xml.addtable (@config.mainresponder.debugLog, string.timestring ());
				addDebugLog ("paramsIn", adrparamtable^);
				addDebugLog ("path", adrparamtable^.path);
				addDebugLog ("client",  tcp.dns.getDomainName (adrparamtable^.client))}};
		adrparamtable^.responseHeaders.["Content-Type"] = "text/html"; //the most common value
		bundle { //for debugging, save a copy of the param table in a global
			if config.mainresponder.prefs.flKeepParamTable {
				try { //might not have a User-Agent field
					if adrparamtable^.requestHeaders.["User-Agent"] != "Testing in Debugger" {
						scratchpad.paramtable = adrparamtable^}}}};
		local (adratts = @adrparamtable^.responderAttributes);
		adratts^ = config.mainresponder.globals;
		on noFolderError (f) {
			scriptError ("There is no folder or object database named \"" + (file.filefrompath (f) - file.getpathchar ()) + "\" in the folder \"" + file.folderfrompath (f) + "\".")};
		on gatherAttributes (adrtable) { //copy all #attributes from the table into adratts^
			<<this does something different from html.buildPageTable
				<<it adds them one level at a time, we don't care how we got here
				<<in html.buildPageTable we pop all the way out to the top of the website.
				<<that would be incorrect for the web server
			local (adrsecurityscript = @adrtable^.["#security"]);
			if defined (adrsecurityscript^) { //great! the sysop is using a cool feature
				callScript (adrsecurityscript, {}, adrparamtable)}; //scriptError to kill request
			local (i, ct = sizeof (adrtable^), adritem, name);
			for i = 1 to ct {
				adritem = @adrtable^ [i];
				name = nameof (adritem^);
				if not (name beginswith "#") {
				name = string.delete (name, 1, 1); //pop off the #
				case string.lower (name) {
					"redirect" {
						<<DW 7/29/99: If you have a #redirect directive in a website, when the responder dives into the table it will remap the url thru the string value of #redirect. It's smart, so it will keep the partial URL intact.
						local (url = string (adritem^));
						<<if defined (objectName) //PBS 12/16/99: commented out to fix a bug where URLs would have repeated elements, such as /foo/foo rather than /foo. (Was: make sure objectName is defined.)
							<<url = url + objectName
						if defined (path) { //make sure path is defined
							if sizeof (path) > 0 {
								if not (url endswith "/") {
									url = url + "/"};
								url = url + path}};
						<<dialog.alert (url)
						scriptError ("!redirect " + url)}};
				case typeof (adritem^) {
					tabletype {
						if string.lower (name) == "prefs" {
							local (i, ct = sizeof (adritem^), adrprefsitem, name);
							for i = 1 to ct {
								adrprefsitem = @adritem^ [i];
								name = nameof (adrprefsitem^);
								if name beginswith "#" {
									name = string.delete (name, 1, 1)};
								adratts^.[name] = adrprefsitem^}}
						else { //copy the address of the table
							try {delete (@adrAtts^.[name])}; //work around an apparent kernel bug
							adratts^.[name] = adritem}};
					wptexttype {
						adratts^.[name] = adritem}} //copy the address
				else {
					adratts^.[name] = adritem^}}};
		on attMustBeTrue (attname) {
			on attError () {
				scriptError ("The attribute \"" + attname + "\" must be true.")};
			local (adratt = @adratts^.[attname]);
			if defined (adratt^) {
				if not adratt^ { //it's false
					attError ()}}
			else {
				attError ()};
			return (true)};
		on attIsTrue (attname) {
			local (adratt = @adratts^.[attname]);
			if defined (adratt^) {
				return (boolean (adratt^))}
			else {
				return (false)}};
		on serveAsXml (folder) {
			if not file.isFolder (folder) {
				scriptError ("Can't serve \"" + folder + "\" as XML because it isn't a folder.")};
			local (xmltext = "", indentlevel = 0, f, pc = file.getpathchar ());
			on add (s) {
				xmltext = xmltext + string.filledString ("\t", indentlevel) + s + "\r"};
			add ("<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>");
			add ("<directory>"); indentlevel++;
			fileloop (f in folder) {
				local (name = file.filefrompath (f));
				if name endswith pc {
					name = string.delete (name, sizeof (name), 1)};
				add ("<file>"); indentlevel++;
				add ("<name>" + name + "</name>");
				bundle { //add type
					local (mimetype);
					if file.isfolder (f) {
						mimeType = "folder"}
					else {
						if name endswith ".root" {
							mimetype = "application/x-frontier-database"}
						else {
							local (objectType = file.type (f));
							case sys.os () { // decide what the MIME type is
								"WinNT" {
									local (extension = objectType);
									extension = string.replaceAll (extension, " ", ""); // strip spaces
									if defined (user.webserver.prefs.ext2MIME.[extension]) {
										mimeType= user.webserver.prefs.ext2MIME.[extension]}
									else {
										mimeType = "text/plain"}};
								"MacOS" {
									if defined (user.webserver.prefs.type2MIME.[objectType]) {
										mimeType = user.webserver.prefs.type2MIME.[objectType]}
									else {
										mimeType = "text/plain"}}}}};
					add ("<type>" + mimeType + "</type>")};
				add ("<creationDate>" + date.netStandardString (file.created (f)) + "</creationDate>");
				add ("<modificationDate>" + date.netStandardString (file.modified (f)) + "</modificationDate>");
				add ("<size>" + file.size (f) + "</size>");
				add ("</file>"); indentlevel--};
			add ("</directory>"); indentlevel--;
			adrparamtable^.responseHeaders.["Content-Type"] = "text/xml";
			adrparamtable^.responseBody = xmltext};
		on serveFile (f) {
			adrparamtable^.responseBody = string (file.readwholefile (f));
			adrparamtable^.responseHeaders.["Content-Type"] = mainResponder.getFileMimeType (f);
			adrparamtable^.responseHeaders.["Last-Modified"] = date.netStandardString (file.modified (f));
			adrparamtable^.responseHeaders.ETag = string.hashmd5 (adrparamtable^.responseBody)}; //12/14/03 by DW
		on serveScript (adrscript) {
			adrparamtable^.responseBody = string (callScript (adrscript, {}, adrparamtable))};
		on serveObject (adr) {
			bundle { //set up the URLs table
				if not defined (adratts^.urls) { //there's no #urls server attribute
					adratts^.urls = @config.mainresponder.urls}};
			mainResponder.members.checkMembership (adr, adrparamtable); //scriptErrors if redirecting
			if (adratts^.flrender) and (typeof (adr^) != binaryType) { //pass it thru the website framework
				local (adrcacheitem = nil);
				if defined (adratts^.flRenderingCache) and (adratts^.flRenderingCache) { //this page can be cached
					local (adrcache = mainResponder.cache.getCacheTable ());
					adrcacheitem = @adrcache^.[string (adr)];
					if defined (adrcacheitem^) {
						if timeModified (adrcacheitem) >= timeModified (adr) { //the cache is still good
							if typeof (adr^) != scripttype {
								<<PBS 8/25/99: call a callback that can decide whether or not to serve this from the cache.
								adrParamTable^.flServeFromCache = true;
								if defined (config.mainResponder.callbacks.serveFromCache) {
									adrParamTable^.adrCachedObject = adr; //PBS 9/25/99: allow callback to get the address of the object being requested
									adrParamTable^.adrCacheItem = adrCacheItem; //PBS 9/25/99: allow callback to get the address of the cached version, in cache.root
									mainResponder.callbackLoop (@config.mainResponder.callbacks.serveFromCache, adrParamTable)};
								if adrParamTable^.flServeFromCache == true {
									adrparamtable^.responseBody =  string (adrcacheitem^.text);
				if defined (manilaMacros) { //PBS 05/11/00: if defined, add manilaMacros to macro evaluation path
					with manilaMacros {
						bundle { //3/4/04; 11:59:26 AM by DW
							if not defined (system.temp.testmainresponder) {
								new (tabletype, @system.temp.testmainresponder)};
							if not defined (system.temp.testmainresponder .ctbuilds) {
								system.temp.testmainresponder.ctbuilds = 0};
							if not defined (system.temp.testmainresponder.ctxmlbuilds) {
								system.temp.testmainresponder.ctxmlbuilds = 0};
							if nameof (adr^) endswith ".xml" {
								if string.lower (nameof (adr^)) contains "crimson1" {
									script.startprofile (true);
									adrparamtable^.responseBody =  manilasuite.xml.getrssxml (); //html.buildObject (adr, adrparamtable)
									script.stopprofile (@system.temp.testmainresponder.profile);
								else {
									adrparamtable^.responseBody =  ""}} //html.buildObject (adr, adrparamtable)
							else {
								adrparamtable^.responseBody =  html.buildObject (adr, adrparamtable)}}}}
				else {
					adrparamtable^.responseBody =  html.buildObject (adr, adrparamtable)};
				if adrcacheitem != nil { //caching is enabled
					if not defined (adrcacheitem^) {
						new (tabletype, adrcacheitem)};
					adrcacheitem^.hits = 0;
					wp.newtextobject (adrparamtable^.responseBody, @adrcacheitem^.text);
					fileMenu.saveMyRoot (adrcacheitem)};
				local (adrredirecturl = @adrparamtable^.responderAttributes.redirectUrl);
				if defined (adrredirecturl^) {
					scriptError ("!redirect " + adrredirecturl^)}}
			else {
				case typeof (adr^) {
					scripttype {
						serveScript (adr)}}
				else {
					if defined (adratts^.rawTextPreformatted) and (adratts^.rawTextPreformatted) {
						local (s = string.replaceall (string (adr^), "<", "<"));
						adrparamtable^.responseBody = "<html><body><pre>\r" + s + "\r</pre></body></html>"}
					else {
						adrparamtable^.responseBody = string (adr^)};
					adrparamtable^.responseHeaders.["Content-Type"] = mainResponder.getODBMimeType (adr);
					local (moddate = timeModified (adr));
					if typeof (moddate) == booleantype {
						moddate = ()};
					adrparamtable^.responseHeaders.["Last-Modified"] = date.netStandardString (moddate)}}};
		on folderToHTML (folder) {
			attMustBeTrue ("allowDirectoryListings");
			bundle { //set up the URLs table; Fri, 12 Mar 1999 00:50:44 GMT by AR
				if not defined (adratts^.urls) { //there's no #urls server attribute
					adratts^.urls = @config.mainresponder.urls}};
			local (adrscript = @mainResponder.folderToHTML);
			if defined (adratts^.folderToHTML) {
				adrscript = @adratts^.folderToHTML;
				if typeOf (adrScript^) == addressType { //PBS 8/11/99: if adrScript^ is an address, de-reference
					adrScript = adrScript^}};
			return (adrscript^ (folder, adrparamtable))};
		on tableToHTML (adrtable) {
			gatherAttributes (adrtable);
			attMustBeTrue ("allowDirectoryListings");
			bundle { //set up the URLs table; Fri, 12 Mar 1999 00:50:40 GMT by AR
				if not defined (adratts^.urls) { //there's no #urls server attribute
					adratts^.urls = @config.mainresponder.urls}};
			local (adrscript = @mainResponder.tableToHTML);
			if defined (adratts^.tableToHTML) {
				adrscript = @adratts^.tableToHTML;
				if typeOf (adrScript^) == addressType { //PBS 8/11/99: if adrScript^ is an address, de-reference
					adrScript = adrScript^}};
			return (adrscript^ (adrtable, adrparamtable))};
		on openRootFile (f) {
			if not window.isOpen (f) {
				if file.filefrompath (f) beginswith "#" {
					scriptError ("Can't open the file \"" + f + "\" because its name begins with a pound-sign.")}; (f, hidden:true);
				if config.mainResponder.prefs.flLogDatabaseOpens {
					<<you may want to add this file to user.databases
					local (adrtable = @system.temp.mainResponder.databaseOpensLog);
					if not defined (adrtable^) {
						new (tabletype, adrtable)};
					adrtable^.[f] = ()}}};
		on checkPoundsign (name) { //scriptErrors if the name begins with a #
			if name beginswith "#" {
				scriptError ("Can't serve \"" + name + "\" because its name begins with a pound-sign.")}};
		on tableDive (nomad, name) {
			bundle { //handle siteTree XML structures in config.root
				if inSiteTreeXmlTable (nomad) {
					local (name = string.lower (name));
					local (adrItem);
					for adrItem in nomad {
						local (itemName = string.lower (xml.convertToDisplayName (nameOf (adrItem^))));
						if itemName == "site" {
							local (siteName = string.lower (adrItem^.["/atts"].name));
							if siteName == name {
								if defined (adrItem^.["/atts"].address) { //JES 9/16/02: dereference the last address in the siteTree
									<<return (address (adrItem^.["/atts"].address))
									return (dereferenceXmlTable (adrItem))};
								return (adrItem)}}};
					<<Check config.manila.sites and config.mainResponder.sites. PBS 07/06/00.
					if defined (stack) and sizeOf (stack) == 0 {
						if defined (config.manila.sites.[objectName]) {
							return (config.manila.sites.[objectName])}
						else {
							if defined (config.mainResponder.sites) {
								if defined (config.mainResponder.sites.[objectName]) {
									nomad = @config.mainResponder.sites.[objectName];
									if defined (config.mainResponder.sites.[objectName] {
										return (initialXmlSiteTreeDive (nomad))}}}}};
					<<De-reference current nomad, site not found.
					nomad = dereferenceXmlTable (nomad);
					if typeOf (nomad) == fileSpecType {
						return (folderDive (nomad, name))}}};
			gatherAttributes (nomad); //get the attributes before we dive
			checkPoundsign (name); //scriptErrors if the name begins with a #
			if not defined (nomad^.[name]) {
				if (string.lower (name) == "images") and (defined (nomad^.["#images"])) {
					name = "#images"}
				else {
					if table.tableContains (@config.mainResponder, nomad) and defined (nomad^ { //PBS 06/10/00: support for XML siteTree in config.mainResponder.sites
						return (initialXmlSiteTreeDive (nomad))}
					else {
						if defined (adrAtts^.objectNotFoundHandler) { //PBS 7/30/99: a website can define an object -- page, script, whatever -- to handle object not found conditions. It will be called via the standard rules, based on the website's preferences (allowScriptsToRun, etc.)
							return (adrAtts^.objectNotFoundHandler)}
						else {
							scriptError ("Can't process the request because there is no object named \"" + name + "\".")}}}};
			return (@nomad^.[name])};
		on folderDive (f, name) {
			local (pc = file.getpathchar ());
			if not file.exists (f) { //allow URLs to reference odbs without including ".root"
				local (name = file.filefrompath (f) - pc); //for error message
				f = f + ".root";
				if not file.exists (f) {
					noFolderError (f)}};
			if file.isfolder (f) {
				if not (f endswith pc) {
					f = f + pc};
				return (filespec (f + name))}
			else { //it might be a guest database
				if not (string.lower (f) endsWith ".root") {
					scriptError ("Can't dive into \"" + f + "\" because its name doesn't end with \".root\".")};
				openRootFile (f);
				return (tableDive (@[f], name))}};
		on pathMustEndWithSlash () {
			local (s = string.trimWhiteSpace (adrparamtable^.path));
			if not (s endswith "/") {
				scriptError ("!redirect " + s + "/")}};
		on pathMustNotEndWithSlash () { //PBS 7/30/99: tables rendered as pages must not end with a slash
			local (s = string.trimWhiteSpace (adrparamtable^.path));
			if s endsWith "/" {
				s = string.delete (s, sizeOf (s), 1);
				scriptError ("!redirect " + s)}};
		on serveTable (adrtable) {
			bundle { //PBS 06/09/00: de-reference XML siteTree table
				adrTable = dereferenceXmlTable (adrTable);
				if typeOf (adrTable) == fileSpecType {
					return (serveFolder (adrTable))}}; //it's really a filespec
			local (defaults = list (adratts^.defaultDirectoryItems), item, adritem, flnotfound = true);
			if defined (adrTable^.["#defaultDirectoryItems"]) { //Fri, 12 Mar 1999 01:24:15 GMT by AR
				defaults = list (adrTable^.["#defaultDirectoryItems"])};
			if defined (adrTable^.["#prefs"].defaultDirectoryItems) {
				defaults = list (adrTable^.["#prefs"].defaultDirectoryItems)};
			for item in defaults {
				adritem = @adrtable^.[item];
				if defined (adritem^) {
					gatherattributes (adrtable);
					pathMustEndWithSlash (); //possibly redirect
					serveObject (adritem);
					flnotfound = false;
			if flnotfound {
				if defined (adratts^.renderTableWith) {
					pathMustNotEndWithSlash (); //PBS 7/30/99: this table is a page: it must not end in a slash
					serveObject (adrtable)}
				else {
					pathMustEndWithSlash (); //possibly redirect
					adrparamtable^.responseBody = tableToHTML (adrTable)}}}; //PBS 08/31/00: adrTable, not nomad, is correct here
		on serveFolder (folder) {
			pathMustEndWithSlash (); //possibly redirect
			local (pc = file.getpathchar ());
			if not (folder endswith pc) {
				folder = folder + pc};
			local (defaults = list (adratts^.defaultDirectoryItems), item, f, flnotfound = true);
			for item in defaults {
				f = folder + item;
				if file.exists (f) {
					serveFile (f);
					flnotfound = false;
			if flnotfound {
				<<adrparamtable^.responseBody = folderToHTML (nomad)
				adrparamtable^.responseBody = folderToHTML (folder)}};
		on compileXmlIfNeeded (adrTable) { //PBS 06/09/00: compile an XML siteTree structure if needed
			if defined (adrTable^.structure) {
				if timeModified (@adrTable^.outline) <= timeModified (@adrTable^.structure) {
					return (true)}}; //no need to compile
			xml.compile (string (adrTable^.outline), @adrTable^.structure); //compile needed
			return (true)};
		on inSiteTreeXmlTable (adrTable) { //PBS 06/09/00: is adrTable in an XML siteTree structure?
			if nameOf (adrTable^) contains "\t" {
				if table.tableContains (@config, adrTable) {
					return (true)}};
			return (false)};
		on dereferenceXmlTable (adrTable) { //PBS 06/09/00: get an address or filespec from an XML siteTree entry
			if inSiteTreeXmlTable (adrTable) {
				if defined (adrTable^.["/atts"].address) {
					try {
						return (address (adrTable^.["/atts"].address))}
					else { //PBS 10/01/01: the address might be a name like 123test, which needs to be in quotes
						return (address ("[\"" + adrTable^.["/atts"].address + "\"]"))}}
				else {
					if defined (adrTable^.["/atts"].folderPath) {
						<<return (fileSpec (string (fileSpec (adrTable^.["/atts"].folderPath))))
						local (path = adrTable^.["/atts"].folderPath);
						if system.environment.isWindows { //PBS 11/08/00: fix problem with folder paths in the siteTree XML on Windows
							path = string.replaceAll (path, "\\\\", "\\")};
						return (fileSpec (path))}
					else {
						if defined (adrTable^.["/atts"].redirect) {
							scriptError ("!redirect " + adrTable^.["/atts"].redirect)}}}};
			return (adrTable)};
		on gatherGlobals (adrGlobals) { //PBS 06/09/00: broken out into a subroutine for siteTree support
			local (i, ct = sizeOf (adrGlobals^), adritem);
			for i = 1 to ct {
				adritem = @adrGlobals^ [i];
				adratts^.[nameof (adritem^)] = adritem^};
			return (true)};
		on initialXmlSiteTreeDive (adrTable) { //PBS 06/10/00: XML siteTree support, broken out because used in two places -- this routine dives into the XML structure, first re-compiling if necessary
			if defined (adrTable^.siteTree.globals) {
				gatherGlobals (@adrTable^.siteTree.globals)};
			if not defined (adrTable^ {
				scriptError ("Server configuration error. siteTree table must contain an element named directory.")};
			if not defined (adrTable^ {
				if defined (adrTable^ { // 06/27/00 JES: make sure an outline exists if an XML structure does
					local (xmlText, xmlWpText);
					xmlText = xml.decompile (@adrTable^;
					local (xmlHeader = string.nthField (xmlText, '\r', 1));
					xmlText = string.delete (xmlText, 1, sizeOf (xmlHeader));
					xmlText = string.trimWhiteSpace (xmlText);
					wp.newTextObject (xmlText, @xmlWpText);
					table.assign (@adrTable^, xmlWpText)}
				else {
					scriptError ("Server configuration error. A siteTree's directory table must contain an element named outline.")}};
			compileXmlIfNeeded (@adrTable^;
			if not defined (adrTable^ [1]) {
				scriptError ("Server configuration error. A siteTree's XML structure must not be empty.")};
			return (@adrTable^ [1] [1])}; //return a new value for nomad
		case string.upper (adrparamtable^.method) { //initialization based on method
			"POST" {
				if string.lower (adrparamtable^.requestHeaders.["Content-type"]) beginsWith "multipart/form-data" {
					mainResponder.parseMultipart (adrparamtable)} //parse multipart form into adrparamtable^.postArgs
				else {
					local (adrtable = @adrparamtable^.postArgs);
					new (tabletype, adrtable);
					webserver.parseArgs (adrparamtable^.requestBody, adrtable)}}};
		local (nomad);
		bundle { //JES 4/8/02: handle expired trials -- load the serial number page or error
			if defined (userland.trialVersionCheck) {
				if userland.trialVersionCheck (false) {
					local (domain = adrparamtable^.host, lowerpath = string.lower (adrparamtable^.path));
					if domain contains ":" {
						domain = string.nthField (domain, ":", 1)};
					local (flRedirectToSerialNumberPage = false);
					bundle { //if serving to a the same machine, or viewing a control panel page, redirect to the serial number page
						if tcp.equalNames (domain, "") {
							flRedirectToSerialNumberPage = true};
						if (lowerpath beginsWith "/controlpanel/") {
							flRedirectToSerialNumberPage = true};
						if (lowerpath == "/controlpanel/serialnumber") {
							flRedirectToSerialNumberPage = false};
						if (lowerpath beginsWith "/mainresponderresources/") {
							flRedirectToSerialNumberPage = false};
						if defined (mainResponder.adminSite.urls.serialNumber) {
							if lowerpath beginsWith string.lower (mainResponder.adminSite.urls.serialNumber) {
								flRedirectToSerialNumberPage = false}}};
					if flRedirectToSerialNumberPage {
						if defined (mainResponder.adminSite.urls.serialNumber) {
							scriptError ("!redirect http://" + adrparamtable^.host + mainResponder.adminSite.urls.serialNumber)}
						else {
							scriptError ("!redirect http://" + adrparamtable^.host + "/controlPanel/serialNumber")}}
					else {
						local (flerror = true);
						if lowerpath == "/controlpanel/serialnumber" {
							flerror = false};
						if lowerpath beginsWith "/mainresponderresources/" {
							flerror = false};
						if defined (mainResponder.adminSite.urls.serialNumber) {
							if lowerpath == string.lower (mainResponder.adminSite.urls.serialNumber) {
								flerror = false}};
						if flerror {
							scriptError ("Can't respond to the request because this trial installation of Frontier has expired.")}}}}};
		bundle { //convert text from latin to Mac character sets, if this is a Mac
			<<Sat, Mar 20, 1999 at 4:54:21 PM by PBS
			if system.environment.isMac { //PBS 3/20/99: convert Mac text
				if config.mainResponder.prefs.flConvertToMacText {
					if defined (adrParamTable^.postArgs) {
						on convertTable (adrPostTable) { //PBS 8/1/99: convert post args tables, recursively.
							<<Don't convert uploaded files.
							local (i);
							local (flAttachedFile = defined (adrPostTable^.["Content-Type"]));
							for i = 1 to sizeOf (adrPostTable^) {
								if not flAttachedFile {
									if typeOf (adrPostTable^ [i]) == stringType {
										adrPostTable^ [i] = latinToMac.convert (adrPostTable^ [i])}};
								if typeOf (adrPostTable^ [i]) == tableType {
									convertTable (@adrPostTable^ [i])}};
							return (true)};
						convertTable (@adrParamTable^.postArgs);
					if defined (adrParamTable^.searchArgs) { //01/03/01 JES: convert to Mac text even if postArgs aren't present
						if adrParamTable^.searchArgs != "" {
							adrparamtable^.searchArgs = latinToMac.convert (adrparamtable^.searchArgs)}};
					if defined (adrParamTable^.pathArgs) { //01/03/01 JES: convert to Mac text even if postArgs aren't present
						if adrParamTable^.pathArgs != "" {
							adrparamtable^.pathArgs = latinToMac.convert (adrparamtable^.pathArgs)}}}}};
		bundle { //initialize nomad, this is where virtual hosting is implemented
			local (adrDomain =;
			if defined (adrParamTable^.host) {
				on lookUpHost (hostName) { //PBS 7/30/99: look up a host in and set adrDomain
					if defined ([hostName]) {
						adrDomain =[hostName];
						return (true)};
					return (false)};
				if not (lookUpHost (adrParamTable^.host)) { //first do the standard lookup
					<<PBS 7/30/99: The standard look up wasn't found. Try removing the port and any trailing dots.
					local (hostName = adrParamTable^.host);
					if hostName contains ":" {
						hostName = string.popSuffix (hostName, ":")}; //PBS 7/30/99: remove trailing port
					hostName = string.popTrailing (hostName, '.'); //PBS 7/30/99: remove trailing dot
					lookUpHost (hostName)}};
			bundle { //based on type, initialize nomad
				on setnomad (adrdomain) {
					case typeOf (adrdomain^) {
						tabletype {
							if defined (adrDomain^.siteTree) { //PBS 06/09/00: handle XML siteTree tables
								nomad = initialXmlSiteTreeDive (adrDomain);
								return (true)}
							else { //look for a docTree item
								if not defined (adrdomain^.doctree) {
									scriptError ("Server configuration error. Domain table must contain an element named docTree.")}};
							if defined (adrdomain^.globals) { //add the elements of this table to the responder attributes table
								gatherGlobals (@adrDomain^.globals)}; //PBS 06/09/00: code below was broken out, since it was used in multiple places
								<<local (i, ct = sizeof (adrdomain^.globals), adritem)
								<<for i = 1 to ct
									<<adritem = @adrdomain^.globals [i]
									<<adratts^.[nameof (adritem^)] = adritem^
							setnomad (@adrdomain^.doctree)}; //recurse
						stringtype {
							local (s = adrdomain^);
							if string.lower (s) beginsWith "http://" { //redirect!
								<<scriptError ("!redirect " + s + adrparamtable^.path)
								scriptError ("!redirect " + s + string.nthField (adrparamtable^.firstLine, ' ', 2))}; //JES 07/04/00: if the path contains path args, make sure they're part of the URL redirected to
							nomad = filespec (adrdomain^)};
						filespectype {
							nomad = adrdomain^}}
					else {
						scriptError ("Server configuration error. The type of a domain doctree must be either table, string or filespec.")}};
				setnomad (adrdomain)};
			if fldebug {
				addDebugLog ("home", nomad)}};
		bundle { //PBS 8/25/99: give callbacks a chance to override standard path evaluation
			local (adrCallbacks = @config.mainResponder.callbacks.pathEvaluation);
			if defined (adrCallbacks^) {
				adrParamTable^.domainPath = nomad; //this might be an address or filespec
				adrParamTable^.adrObjectToServe = nil; //callback places a value here if it wants to over-ride standard path evaluation
				mainResponder.callbackLoop (adrCallbacks, adrParamTable); //call the callbacks
				if defined (adrParamTable^.adrObjectToServe) and adrParamTable^.adrObjectToServe != nil { //did a callback evaluate the path?
					nomad = adrParamTable^.adrObjectToServe; //set nomad to the callback-specified value
					flCallbackParsedPath = true}}}; //this is so the rest of this script knows that the callback handle path evaluation
		bundle { //leave nomad pointing to the object to be served
			if not flCallbackParsedPath { //PBS 8/25/99: if callback evaluated path, skip this bundle
				local (stack = {}, path, objectname);
				path = string.lower (string.urlDecode (adrparamtable^.path));
				if path beginswith "/" {
					path = string.delete (path, 1, 1)};
				bundle { //when Frontier is running behind a web server like WebSTAR or IIS, ignore .wsf extensions
					if defined (adrparamtable^.wsfSuffixRequired) {
						if adrparamtable^.wsfSuffixRequired {
							if string.lower (path) endsWith ".wsf" {
								path = string.mid (path, 1, sizeof (path) - 4)}}}};
				while sizeof (path) > 0 {
					local (flsystemwebsite = false); //PBS 10/25/99: moved this declaration so it gets set false for the next part of the path. Otherwise URLs inside the system website won't work.
					objectname = string.nthField (path, '/', 1);
					bundle { //check for system websites, like controlPanel
						if sizeof (stack) == 0 { //check for special mainResponder-implemented websites
							flsystemwebsite = false;
							case string.lower (objectname) {
								"controlpanel" {
									if defined (config.mainResponder.prefs.flControlPanel) and config.mainResponder.prefs.flControlPanel { //PBS 10/25/99: flControlPanel may not exist; check that it exists before checking its value
										nomad = @mainResponder.controlPanel;
										flsystemwebsite = true}};
								"mainresponderresources" { //PBS 06/14/00: /mainResponderResources/ is now a system website pointing to mainResponder.resources, which contains various icons, including Pike buttons. This way the Pike button (etc.) will show up regardless of the settings at
									nomad = @mainResponder.resources;
									flsystemwebsite = true}}
							else { //PBS 11/9/99: short URLs for Manila sites: if the first part of the path points to an item in config.manila.sites, set nomad to config.manila.sites.[objectName].
								if string.lower (nomad) == string.lower (Frontier.getSubFolder ("www")) {
									if defined (config.manila.sites.[objectName]) {
										nomad = config.manila.sites.[objectName];
										flsystemwebsite = true};
									if not flsystemwebsite { //PBS 12/16/99: short URLs for mainResponder sites. The mechanism works similarly to the mechanism for Manila sites, except that the table is at config.mainResponder.sites. However, an entry at config.mainResponder sites can be a table itself or a filespec, it doesn't have to be an address
										if defined (config.mainResponder.sites) {
											if defined (config.mainResponder.sites.[objectName]) {
												nomad = @config.mainResponder.sites.[objectName];
												if defined (config.mainResponder.sites.[objectName] {
													nomad = initialXmlSiteTreeDive (nomad)};
												flsystemwebsite = true}}}}}}};
					if not flsystemwebsite {
						if objectname == ".." { //pop the stack
							local (sizestack = sizeof (stack));
							if sizestack == 0 {
								scriptError ("Can't surface beyond the root of the website.")};
							nomad = stack [sizestack];
							delete (@stack [sizestack]);
						bundle { //PBS 08/09/00: close security hole
							if objectName beginsWith ".." { //DW 08/09/00: close security hole
								scriptError ("Can't process objects with names beginning with \"..\".")};
							if objectName contains "\\" {
								scriptError ("Can't process objects with names containing \"\\\".")};
							if objectName contains ":" {
								scriptError ("Can't process objects with names containing \":\".")}};
						bundle { //PBS 01/07/02: don't serve files or folders whose name begins with a dot.
							if objectName beginsWith "." {
								scriptError ("Can't process objects with names beginning with a dot.")}};
						case typeof (nomad) {
							addresstype {
								while (typeof (nomad^) == addresstype) {nomad = nomad^};
								case typeof (nomad^) {
									tabletype { //diving into a table
										nomad = tableDive (nomad, objectname)};
									filespectype { //nomad now becomes a filespec
										nomad = folderDive (nomad^, objectname)}}};
							filespectype {
								nomad = folderDive (nomad, objectname)}}};
					if fldebug {
						addDebugLog ("step", nomad)};
					<<PBS 7/30/99: if the object wasn't found, and the website wants to handle this condition itself, it can over-ride mainResponder.respond's built-in behavior.
						<<Break out of this loop: there's no point to continue walking the path, since we know the current object wasn't found.
					if defined (adrAtts^.objectNotFoundHandler) and nomad == adrAtts^.objectNotFoundHandler {
						<<Hints for the object not found handler: stuff the remaining path in the page table and the last good nomad.
						adrParamTable^.lastNomad = nomad;
						if sizeOf (stack) > 0 {
							adrParamTable^.lastNomad = stack [sizeOf (stack)]};
						adrParamTable^.remainingPath = path;
					path = string.delete (path, 1, sizeof (objectname) + 1);
					stack = stack + nomad}}
			else { //PBS 8/25/99: callback handled path parsing, but we need to gather attributes
				if typeOf (nomad) == addressType {
					if typeOf (nomad^) == tableType {
						gatherAttributes (nomad)}
					else {
						gatherAttributes (parentOf (nomad^))}}}};
		bundle { //serve the object nomad points to
			on serveFilespec (nomad) {
				if file.exists (nomad) {
					if file.isFolder (nomad) {
						serveFolder (nomad)}
					else {
						if string.lower (nomad) endswith ".root" {
							openRootFile (nomad);
							serveAddress (@[nomad])}
						else {
							serveFile (nomad)}}}
				else { //the file doesn't exist
					try { //see if there's an odb with the name, open it and serve from it
						local (f = nomad + ".root");
						openRootFile (f);
						nomad = @[f];
						serveAddress (nomad)}
					else {
						if tryError beginswith "!" { //it's a redirect, rethrow it
							scriptError (tryError)};
						on error () {
							noFolderError (nomad)};
						local (f = file.folderfrompath (nomad) + "#" + file.filefrompath (nomad));
						if file.exists (f) {
							serveFile (f)}
						else {
							if string.lower (nomad) endswith ".xml" { //try to serve it as XML
								local (f = string.delete (nomad, sizeof (nomad) - 3, 4)); //pop off the .xml
								if not file.exists (f) {
									error ()};
								serveAsXml (f)}
							else {
								error ()}}}}};
			on serveAddress (nomad) {
				case typeof (nomad^) {
					addresstype {
						serveAddress (nomad^)};
					filespectype {
						serveFileSpec (nomad^)};
					scripttype {
						if adratts^.flrender {
							serveObject (nomad)}
						else {
							if attIsTrue ("allowScriptsToRun") {
								serveScript (nomad)}
							else {
								if attMustBeTrue ("allowScriptListings") {
									local (s = string.replaceall (string (nomad^), "<", "<"));
									<<local (s = mainResponder.neuterText (string (nomad^), false, true))
									adrparamtable^.responseBody = "<html><body><pre>\r" + s + "\r</pre></body></html>"}}}};
					tabletype {
						serveTable (nomad)}}
				else {
					serveObject (nomad)}};
			case typeof (nomad) {
				filespectype {
					serveFilespec (nomad)};
				addresstype {
					serveAddress (nomad)}}};
		bundle { //consider If-Modified-Since and If-None-Match, 12/14/03 by DW
			local (fl304 = false); //if possible return with code 304
			local (adrhdr1 = @adrparamtable^.requestHeaders.["If-Modified-Since"]);
			local (adrhdr2 = @adrparamtable^.responseHeaders.["Last-Modified"]);
			if defined (adrhdr1^) and defined (adrhdr2^) {
				if date (adrhdr1^) >= date (adrhdr2^) { //the cached object is fresh, don't send it again
					fl304 = true}};
			local (hashstring = string.hashmd5 (adrparamtable^.responseBody));
			if not fl304 {
				local (adrnone = @adrparamtable^.requestHeaders.["If-None-Match"]);
				if defined (adrnone^) {
					if adrnone^ == hashstring { //not modified
						fl304 = true}}};
			adrparamtable^.responseHeaders.ETag = hashstring;
			if fl304 {
				adrparamtable^.code = 304;
				adrparamtable^.responseBody = "";
				if defined (system.temp.mainresponder.ct304) {
				else {
					system.temp.mainresponder.ct304 = 1}}};
			<<try //old code
				<<local (cachedate = date (adrparamtable^.requestHeaders.["If-Modified-Since"]))
				<<local (localdate = date (adrparamtable^.responseHeaders.["Last-Modified"]))
				<<addDebugLog ("cachedate", cachedate)
				<<addDebugLog ("localdate", localdate)
				<<if cachedate >= localdate //the cached object is fresh, so don't send it again
					<<adrParamTable^.code = 304
					<<adrparamtable^.responseBody = ""
		bundle { //call the lightweightMacros routines
			mainResponder.callbackLoop (@config.mainresponder.callbacks.lightweightMacros, adrparamtable)};
		bundle { //for debugging, save a copy of the param table in a global
			if fldebug {
				addDebugLog ("paramsOut", adrparamtable^)}};
			<<if config.mainresponder.prefs.flKeepParamTable 
				<<if adrparamtable^.requestHeaders.["User-Agent"] != "Testing in Debugger"
					<<scratchpad.paramtable = adrparamtable^
		bundle { //if profile, return that text instead of the text of the request
			if flprofile {
				local (info);
				script.stopProfile (@info);
				local (oldtarget = target.set (@info)); table.sortby ("Value"); target.set (oldtarget);
				local (htmltext = "", indentlevel = 0);
				on add (s) {
					htmltext = htmltext + string.filledString ("\t", indentlevel) + s + "\r"};
				add ("<html>"); indentlevel++;
				add ("<head>"); indentlevel++;
				local (title = "Profiling results for \"" + adrparamtable^.path + "\"", adritem);
				add ("<title>" + title + "</title>");
				add ("</head>"); indentlevel--;
				add ("<body>"); indentlevel++;
				add ("<blockquote>"); indentlevel++;
				add ("<h2>" + title + "</h2>");
				add ("<blockquote>"); indentlevel++;
				add ("<table cellspacing=\"5\">"); indentlevel++;
				add ("<tr><td><b>" + "Procedure" + "</b></td><td><b>" + "Ticks" + "</b></td></tr>");
				for i = sizeof (info) downto 1 {
					adritem = @info [i];
					add ("<tr><td><font size=\"-1\">" + nameof (adritem^) + "</font></td><td><center><font size=\"-1\">" + adritem^ + "</font></center></td></tr>")};
				add ("</table>"); indentlevel--;
				add ("</blockquote>"); indentlevel--;
				add ("</blockquote>"); indentlevel--;
				add ("</body>"); indentlevel--;
				add ("</html>"); indentlevel--;
				adrparamtable^.responseBody = htmltext}};
		bundle { //for membership info, if a callback is defined, call it
			if defined (adrparamtable^.adrMemberInfo) { //we had a member record for this user
				local (groupname = adrparamtable^.memberGroupName);
				local (adrmembers = mainResponder.members.getMembershipTable (groupname));
				local (adrcallbacks = @adrmembers^.callbacks);
				if defined (adrcallbacks^) { //there's a callbacks table in the membership table
					local (adrcallback = @adrcallbacks^.closeMemberTable);
					if defined (adrcallback^) {
						adrcallback^ (adrparamtable^.adrMemberInfo)}}}};
		return (true)};
	if fldebug {
		core ()}
	else {
		try { //everything happens in the context of this try
			core ()}
		else { //some code threw a scriptError, catch it
			local (s = tryError);
			if s [1] == "!" { //it's a faked error
				local (command = string.nthfield (s, ' ', 1));
				local (args = string.delete (s, 1, sizeof (command) + 1));
				case command {
					"!redirect" {
						adrparamtable^.code = 302; //non-permanent redirect
						adrparamtable^.responseBody = webserver.util.buildErrorPage ("302 FOUND", "Found the page.");
						if defined (adrparamtable^.responderAttributes.redirectUrl) { // 10/31/00 JES: fixed problem redirecting to urls longer than 245 characters
							<<For this to work, first call mainResponder.redirect to set the redirect URL, and then scriptError ("!redirect " + url).
							if adrparamtable^.responderAttributes.redirectUrl beginsWith args {
								args = adrparamtable^.responderAttributes.redirectUrl}};
						adrparamtable^.responseHeaders.location = args;
						adrparamtable^.responseHeaders.URI = args;
						try {delete (@adrparamtable^.responseHeaders.["Content-Type"])}}}}
			else { //show the error to the user
				local (msgForSysop = s);
				local (title = "UserLand Frontier Server Error");
				local (htmltext = "", indentlevel = 0);
				on add (s) {
					htmltext = htmltext + string.filledString ("\t", indentlevel) + s + "\r"};
				add ("<html>"); indentlevel++;
				add ("<head>"); indentlevel++;
				add ("<title>" + title + "</title>");
				add ("</head>"); indentlevel--;
				add ("<body>"); indentlevel++;
				add ("<blockquote>"); indentlevel++;
				add ("<blockquote>"); indentlevel++;
				add ("<font size=\"+2\" face=\"helvetica,arial\">"); indentlevel++;
				add ("<br><b>" + "<i>Sorry!</i> There was an error: </b>" + msgForSysop);
				add ("</font>"); indentlevel--;
				<<add ("<blockquote>"); indentlevel++
				add ("<font size=\"+0\" face=\"helvetica,arial\">"); indentlevel++;
				<<add ("<p>Object: " + nomad + ".")
				add ("<p>The error was detected by "+ "Frontier " + Frontier.version ());
				add (" in " + "mainResponder.respond" + ".");
				add (" Webmaster: " + user.prefs.mailaddress + ".");
				add (" Time: " + date.netstandardstring ( ()) + ".");
				add ("</font>"); indentlevel--;
				<<add ("</blockquote>"); indentlevel--
				add ("</blockquote>"); indentlevel--;
				add ("</blockquote>"); indentlevel--;
				add ("</body>"); indentlevel--;
				add ("</html>"); indentlevel--;
				bundle { //PBS 8/1/99: iso8859 encode the error page. Some error messages may contain characters which should be translated to HTML entities.
					if system.environment.isWindows {
						htmltext = string.iso8859encode (htmltext,};
					if system.environment.isMac {
						htmltext = string.iso8859encode (htmltext,}};
				adrparamtable^.responseBody = htmltext}};
		try { //logging code, we want to log everything, including errors
			if config.mainresponder.prefs.flLog {
				mainResponder.log.add (adrparamtable)}}};
			<<note: for the log timing stats to be meaningful, the log code must be called as late as possible
	bundle { //JES 11/5/02: handle HTTP 1.1 HEAD requests
		if adrparamtable^.method == "HEAD" {
			adrparamtable^.responseHeaders.["Content-Length"] = sizeOf (adrparamtable^.responseBody);
			adrparamtable^.responseBody = ""}};
	html.deletePageTableAddress (); //PBS 8/25/99: don't leave a dangling pta in the temp table
	return (true)}
<<bundle //test code
	<<if dialog.ask ("URL:", @config.mainResponder.prefs.lastPath)
		<<local (parts = string.urlsplit (config.mainResponder.prefs.lastPath))
		<<local (paramtable = mainresponder.testing.testparams)
		<<paramtable.path = parts [3]
		<<paramtable.uri = paramtable.path
		<< = parts [2]
		<<if contains ":"
			<<paramtable.port = string.nthField (, ":", 2)
		<<mainResponder.respond (@paramtable, true)
		<<temp.z = paramtable
<<bundle //old test code
	<<local (fltiming = false)
	<<if fltiming
		<<local (olddebug = config.mainresponder.prefs.flDebug)
		<<config.mainresponder.prefs.flDebug = false
		<<local (ctloops = 100, i, s, ticks, tickspercall)
		<<mainResponder.testing.paramTableFixed.requestHeaders.["User-Agent"] = "Testing in Debugger"
		<<ticks = clock.ticks ()
		<<for i = 1 to ctloops
			<<respond (
		<<tickspercall = double (clock.ticks () - ticks) / ctloops
		<<config.mainresponder.prefs.flDebug = olddebug
		<<if not defined (
			<<new (outlinetype,
		<<edit (
		<<op.firstsummit ()
		<<op.insert (tickspercall + " ticks per call at " + string.timeString (), up)
		<<local (params = table.getcursoraddress ()^) //put cursor on param table you want to run
		<<params.requestHeaders.["User-Agent"] = "Testing in Debugger"
		<<try {delete (@params.paramtable.responderAtts)}
		<<respond (@params)

This listing is for code that runs in the OPML Editor environment. I created these listings because I wanted the search engines to index it, so that when I want to look up something in my codebase I don't have to use the much slower search functionality in my object database. Dave Winer.