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on archiveMessage (adrmsg) {
	<<8/13/99; 10:31:23 PM by DW
		<<writes an xml-formatted archive of the discussion group message
			<<12/6/99; 11:29:55 AM by PBS
				<<When archiving a discussion group message that's not stored in discuss.root (a Manila dg message, for instance), get the real name of the discussion group so it's not archived wrongly in a folder named #discussionGroup.
			<<12/23/99; 10:06:51 AM by DW
				<<This may be a major performance bottleneck. Add an optimization, we now store a ctRevisions item in the message table and bump it every time. This saves us from having to loop over the archive folder, so messages that are updated many times won't become slower and slower to update. 
			<<06/28/00; 1:23:26 AM by JES
				<<Make sure folder names aren't more than 31 characters long if running on a Mac
					<<First remove the ManilaWebsite part, then truncate to 31 characters
						<<This may not be optimal, but for most people it will suffice.
	if config.mainresponder.prefs.flArchiveDiscuss {
		local (pc = file.getpathchar (), now = ());
		local (xmltext = mainresponder.discuss.tabletoxml (adrmsg, flIncludeEnclosure:true));
		local (nomad = adrmsg);
		nomad = parentOf (nomad^); //point at messages
		nomad = parentOf (nomad^); //point at discussion root
		local (nameDiscussGroup = nameOf (nomad^));
		bundle { //PBS 12/6/99: get the real name of the discussion group
			if parentOf (nomad^) != @[system.temp.mainResponder.discussRootFile] {
				try { //get it from the page table
					local (pta);
					pta = html.getPageTableAddress ();
					nameDiscussGroup = pta^.discussionRoot}
				else { //get it from the site, assuming that this dg is stored in the site
					try {
						local (adrSite = parentOf (nomad^));
						nameDiscussGroup = adrSite^.["#prefs"].discussionRoot}}}};
		local (folder);
		if system.environment.isMac { // 06/28/00 JES: make sure the folder name isn't too long on Macs
			if sizeOf (nameDiscussGroup) > 31 {
				nameDiscussGroup = nameDiscussGroup - "ManilaWebsite"};
			nameDiscussGroup = string.mid (nameDiscussGroup, 1, 31)};
		folder = config.mainresponder.prefs.discussArchiveFolder + nameDiscussGroup + pc;
		local (day, month, year, hour, minute, second);
		date.get (now, @day, @month, @year, @hour, @minute, @second);
		folder = folder + year + pc + string.padwithzeros (month, 2) + pc + string.padwithzeros (day, 2) + pc;
		bundle { //maintain the stats.changes table
			local (adrchanges = @nomad^.stats.changes, adrprefs = @nomad^.prefs);
			if not defined (adrchanges^) {
				new (tabletype, adrchanges)};
			adrchanges^.[nameof (adrmsg^)] = now;
			adrprefs^.flChangesDirty = true};
		local (f);
		bundle { //write out the file
			if defined (adrmsg^.ctRevisions) {
			else {
				adrmsg^.ctRevisions = 1};
			f = folder + nameof (adrmsg^) + "." + string.padwithzeros (adrmsg^.ctRevisions, 4) + ".xml";
			file.surefilepath (f);
			file.writewholefile (f, xmltext);
			bundle { //call the callback scripts
				local (params);
				new (tabletype, @params);
				params.f = f; //the callback script just refers to "f"
				params.xmltext = xmltext;
				params.adrmsg = adrmsg;
				params.nameDiscussGroup = nameDiscussGroup;
				mainResponder.callbackLoop (@config.mainresponder.callbacks.archiveDiscussMessage, @params)}};
		return (f)}}
<<bundle //test code
	<<archiveMessage (@discuss.messages.["0000001"])

This listing is for code that runs in the OPML Editor environment. I created these listings because I wanted the search engines to index it, so that when I want to look up something in my codebase I don't have to use the much slower search functionality in my object database. Dave Winer.