Monday, April 04, 2011 at 1:05 AM.


on getBackItems (hosename, seed, adrreturnx, startticks = clock.ticks (), adrctitems = nil) {
		<<12/7/10; 5:06:33 PM by DW
			<<Add optional parameter, adrctitems.
		<<12/2/10; 4:29:57 AM by DW
			<<If the seed points to an item we don't have, it's either a bad seed or an old one. In either case, we can't do anything with it, so we return an empty items table.
		<<9/29/10; 12:18:50 PM by DW
			<<Add hosename parameter.
		<<9/25/10; 6:59:47 PM by DW
			<<Return true if there are actually some items in the table, false otherwise.
		<<9/25/10; 2:45:48 PM by DW
			<<seed is of the form 2010-09-24-00250, which indicates the 250th item on 9/24/10.
			<<We return a table filled with all the items that have posted since then.
	local (adrdata = feedHoseSuite.init (), items, adrlastitem);
	local (adrhose = feedhosesuite.inithose (hosename));
	local (adrcal = @adrhose^.calendar, maxhoseitems = adrdata^.server.prefs.maxHoseItems);
	on encode (s) {
		if system.environment.isMac { //02/22/2001 JES: convert to Latin text
			return (xml.entityEncode (latinToMac.macToLatin (s), true))}
		else {
			return (xml.entityEncode (s, true))}};
	bundle { //fill items table
		local (adrseed, year, month, day, itemname);
		new (tabletype, @items);
		on visit (adritem) {
			if adritem == adrseed { //we've already seen this one
				return (false)};
			local (adrx = xml.addtable (@items, "item"));
			adrx^ = adritem^.xitem;
			bundle { //add feed info
				local (feedurl = adritem^.riveritem.feedurl);
				xml.addvalue (adrx, "feedUrl", feedurl);
				xml.addvalue (adrx, "feedTitle", config.river2.feeds.[feedurl].feedinfo.title);
				xml.addvalue (adrx, "feedLink", config.river2.feeds.[feedurl]};
			bundle { //add thumbnail, if present, 10/14/10 by DW
				try {
					if defined (adritem^.riveritem.thumbnail) {
						xml.addvalue (adrx, "thumbUrl", adritem^.riveritem.thumbnail.url);
						xml.addvalue (adrx, "thumbWidth", adritem^.riveritem.thumbnail.width);
						xml.addvalue (adrx, "thumbHeight", adritem^.riveritem.thumbnail.height)}}};
			if sizeof (items) >= maxhoseitems {
				return (false)};
			return (true)}; //keep visiting
		bundle { //set year, month, day, itemname
			year = string.nthfield (seed, "-", 1);
			month = string.nthfield (seed, "-", 2);
			day = string.nthfield (seed, "-", 3);
			itemname = string.nthfield (seed, "-", 4)};
		bundle { //set adrseed, if it worked (the seed is good), try to fill the items table
			try {
				adrseed = @adrcal^.[year].[month].[day].[itemname];
				mainresponder.calendar.visitReverseChronologic (adrcal, @visit)}}};
	<<bundle //set adrlastitem
		<<local (nomad = adrcal)
		<<nomad = @nomad^ [sizeof (nomad^)] //last year
		<<nomad = @nomad^ [sizeof (nomad^)] //last month
		<<nomad = @nomad^ [sizeof (nomad^)] //last day
		<<nomad = @nomad^ [sizeof (nomad^)] //last item
		<<adrlastitem = nomad
	bundle { //re-order items table
		local (adr, ix = sizeof (items), name);
		for adr in @items {
			name = string.padwithzeros (ix--, 8) + "\titem";
			table.rename (adr, name)}};
		<<target.set (@items)
		<<table.sortby ("Name")
		<<scratchpad.items = items
	bundle { //build the return table, an "feedHose" wrapper, containing the items
		local (adrfeedhose, adritems, adrmetadata);
		new (tabletype, adrreturnx);
		adrfeedhose = xml.addtable (adrreturnx, "feedHose");
		if sizeof (items) > 0 {
			adritems = xml.addtable (adrfeedhose, "items"); adritems^ = items};
		adrmetadata = xml.addtable (adrfeedhose, "metadata");
		xml.addvalue (adrmetadata, "seed", feedhoseSuite.getCurrentSeed (hosename));
		bundle { //add a secs element
			<<local (s = string (double (clock.ticks () - startticks) / 60))
			<<local (lod = string.nthfield (s, ".", 1))
			<<local (rod = string.nthfield (s, ".", 2) + "00")
			<<if sizeof (rod) > 3
				<<rod = string.mid (rod, 1, 3)
			<<xml.addvalue (adrmetadata, "secs", lod + "." + rod)
			xml.addvalue (adrmetadata, "secs", string.formatdouble (double (clock.ticks () - startticks) / 60))}};
	bundle { //set adrctitems^, 12/7/10 by DW
		if adrctitems != nil {
			adrctitems^ = sizeof (items)}};
	return (sizeof (items) > 0)};
bundle { //test code
	getBackItems ("nytimes", "2010-12-01-00033", @scratchpad.items)}

This listing is for code that runs in the OPML Editor environment. I created these listings because I wanted the search engines to index it, so that when I want to look up something in my codebase I don't have to use the much slower search functionality in my object database. Dave Winer.